Based near Joliette for the last twenty years with his full-fledged shop, Daniel Farah  was born in Montreal.

Very early in his life, the piano became a fascination that would never leave him.

During the 80’s, he built himself a strong reputation as a piano tuner working 12 years with the Montreal Opera and the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal.

In this period, while tuning, adjusting, voicing the apex of pianos, he determined his goals:  reach and go beyond this sound in his workshop.  His conviction is that old piano’s soundboards made out of spruce are improving with the passage of time like the Stradivari since the same essence of wood is involved.

The challenge is to awake the soul of these old soundboards while recovering the original crown.  Most of these old soundboards will sink weakened by their cracks.  In conjunction with the recent technological breakthroughs, i.e. charts on tensions, elastic limits, inharmonicity and new string alloys, our old soundboards now recurved will deliver their unique sound versus the brand new pianos often standardized if not rendered aseptic.